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Pat's Gowns was started 34 years ago by Pat Whorton, the mother of the current owners Ivy McCarn and Debbie Hallman. As a very talented and visionary seamstress Pat wanted every young woman's dream to come true as she walked into her special occasion with THE gown. She passed along this dream to her daughters and the many other family members who worked there as Pat's Gowns grew throughout the years. This Icon of Waco, described by a customer during the 2018 PROM season, has out lasted many of the gown shops that were there in the beginning, survived the expansion of I 35 and has survived the many changes of fashion since 1985. Now 34 years later Pat's Gowns is able to provide customers who walk through the door with the perfect stylish gown for the occasion with customer service that has been described as ..."professional, honest, funny, reasonable....it’s like shopping with your girlfriends."

Come see us. We can provide you with the BEST prices in town with 34 years of knowledge that can lead you to the perfect dress, accessories, and often much needed services from other professionals for your special occasion.

Eric Mello from Colorado

 "I was on my own with my daughter visiting my son at Baylor. I had been assigned the scariest mission of my life by my wife…..find a prom dress. I looked at my phone and typed in prom dress Waco. There in the results was Pat’s Gowns. This could go well or it could go badly…would they know that I knew nothing about dresses? Would I disappoint my baby girl? Would I have to explain to my wife that I failed in my mission? We arrived at Pat’s Gowns, my daughter looked at me with hope and I prayed this was going to work. We entered and these wonderful ladies directed me and my son to a bench and said sit, we have got this. The next hour and a half was the most fun I have had shopping with my daughter ever. They whisked her away and found a ton of dresses for her to try. She was smiling and laughing and happy.Every dress was a winner and the hardest part was picking. Mission accomplished! Now every year we will be driving 800miles to get my daughters dresses at Pats Gowns in Waco. It is that great of an experience. This place is fantastic."


Pat's youngest son, Patrick Whorton has immortalized his parents through his song "Damn Straight" Check out this youtube video and like it so we can promote his creation.


An Icon of Waco - Celebrating 35 Years

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